Prop 19 - Marijuana Regulation And Taxation
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    prop 19
    The Cannabis Control, Regulation and Taxation Act of 2010
    - Allows people 21 years and older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use.
    - Permits local government to regulate and tax commerical production, distribution, and sale of marijuana to people 21 years or older.
    - Prohibits people from possessing marijuana on school grounds, using in public, or smoking it while minors are present.
    - Maintains prohibitions against driving while impaired.
    - Limits employers' ability to address marijuana use to situations where job performance is actually impaired.
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    Related Legislation
    Senate Bill 1449
    Reduces adult possession of an ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction in many cases. Signed into law Sept. 30, 2010.
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    @trish_regan back in NYC this Thursday. Happy to talk about taxing weed and not jobs in states. #wealthofstates

    Twitter: @pelopidas

    legalizing pot would eliminate pot as a gateway drug for criminal drug dealers to upsell the user to harder drugs

    Twitter: @GodsPerpetualSe

    First signs of plan for marijuana taxation reported #Marijuana #legalization #taxation #xmnr http://t.co/YNfdNxgJam via @sharethis

    Twitter: @PBHexam

    RT @DCMJ2014: If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats http://t.co/mWbAyemr46 #LegalizeIt #YesOn71

    Twitter: @JansenJeannine

    How long before our fucked up government realizes how much money they are losing from not legalizing and taxing marijuana? <5 years

    Twitter: @ZekeCurry